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Our Passion is to Connect People with Amazing International Cultural Experiences!

About kl mexico

Since 2016 KL Mexico Legal & Migration Solutions has been providing a variety of services for the settlement of migrants, offering an opportunity to enjoy new international experiences, to discover different cultures, to find new jobs, to start new life and to integrate into a new community in Mexico.

Our goal is to assist migrants in a timely, efficient and professional manner, in order to facilitate a smooth transition, an appropriate solution with a successful outcome.

KL Mexico has the mission to establish a responsible and professional communication that contributes to the solution of the problem that afflicts our clients.

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Migratory Procedures mexico

Migratory Consulting Specialists

Mexican Visas

Temporary resident visa. Permanent resident visa. Work Visa. Visa per family unit (Applies to those who wish to travel and reside in Mexico)

Business & Tourism B1/B2 visas for the USA

The B1 Visa is designed for temporary business trips, attending conferences, short training, etc. The B2 visa is designed for tourist activities, shopping, visiting relatives, medical treatments, etc.

INM (Instituto Nacional de Migración) Papework

Issuance of migratory document by exchange of status. Renewal of temporary and permanent residence. Replacement of migratory document. Change of stay condition. Work permit for temporary residents. Regularization of the Migratory situation. Permission to leave and return to Mexico. Notification of change & more!


Obtaining employer constancy. Employer record update. (Applies to a natural or legal person in Mexico that requires hiring foreigners).

Mexican Citizenship

Mexican naturalization.

Legal Consulting

- Corporate;
- Labor.

KL México offers the best professional services that adapt to your current situation, in order to offer you the best option for obtaining your long-term visa and / or temporary residence or permanent residence. What sets us apart from other companies is that:

We are not Migration Procedures Managers, We are Lawyers with experience in Immigration Matters based on the Migration Law.

And with this we help the migrant find the right path to Mexico, in the easiest, fastest and most efficient way.

The opportunity to connect people with different worlds is our passion!

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