interesting information about migration to México


New update for entering México by Airport!!

If you are traveling by airport and entering Mexico by the following Cities, you should be aware that you won’t get paper forms FMM (aka Multiple Migratory form) traditionally called tourist cards, visitors’ cards- resident’s paper forms, immigration forms: Cancún,

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Temporary Visa

Applying for a Temporary Visa?

Mexican temporary residency. if you are retired, pensioner or employee who has a monthly income and you are planning to spend more than 180 days in Mexico you could apply for a visa as a “Temporary Residency”.   This type

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Applying for a Permanent Visa

Applying for a Permanent Visa?

México: Permanent residency. Retirees who wish to settle permanently in Mexico may apply for a Permanent Resident visa.If you wish to retire in Mexico, you will have to prove that during the previous six months you have been receiving at

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