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Yes, so we can offer you a personalized service.

Depending on your specific case, the fees charged by our company will vary. Generally, not all requests or cases are exactly the same, so we would have to make an assessment of your case before providing an exact amount. We will inform you of all the rates involved in advance so you will have no surprises and we will give you a calendar of how long it will take your case to conclude.

The processing time of the application will vary depending on how busy the National Migration Institute is at the time of the introduction of the procedure, but this can be consulted with our lawyer responsible for your case so you will get an estimated time based on the immigration timeline and experience of the process.

Before deciding if you will use a representative to handle your case, you may wonder whether you need it or not. You have probably heard stories of people filling out the forms, paying government fees and obtaining a visa and/or temporary or permanent residence. However, you may also have heard of other people who got their requests rejected and, therefore, make it difficult to get the status updated in the future.

If you hire our services you will have the following advantages:

1. You will have a bilingual professional specialist in the field who will evaluate your complete case from the beginning so that we can fully understand your situation and what your immigration objectives are. By making a fyll assessment of your case, we can determine exactly what needs to be done so that you can obtain a positive decision about your case;

2. Based on your evaluation, we will provide legal advice regarding your case and provide you with all the options available to you. Then you will be provided with all the information you need so that you can make the best decision when it comes to migration issues;

3. Once you feel comfortable with the advice you have received, you can make a decision about how you want to proceed. At this point, if you choose to keep our services, we will process your entire case from start to the end for a fixed fee and we will keep you informed in a timely manner throughout the process. During the entire process, from start to the end, all correspondence with the National Institute of Migration will be processed through our office so that you have peace of mind knowing that your case is being handled by professionals.

The short answer is no. The professional and competent advice and assistance in immigration matters will never be free, since the experts that provide the service have gone through an educational accreditation to provide migratory and legal services, in addition to daily training to give you the best quality in the service. If someone is offering you a service or a money back guarantee, it`s a warning signal. The immigration lawyers and/or consultants cannot legally provide you with a guarantee when it comes to the outcome of your case or request.

The reason is that the final decision does not depend on your representative, but on the official evaluating your case or request. What we will do is prequalify before addressing your case so we can be sure that you are eligible to apply for any condition legal stay in which you are interested or the status you wish to obtain.

We cannot legally guarantee that you will get a positive decision on your case, but when hiring our services of professional immigration consulting, you can be sure you will have the best opportunities

Temporary residency visa and permanent residency visa.

s a Mexican visa that is issue by the Mexican consulates outside of Mexico to those people who want to live as legal residents in Mexico for more than 180 days and less than 4 years. This type of visa has an expiration of 180 days and its valid for one single entry to Mexico.

Is a Mexican visa issue by the Mexican consulates outside of Mexico to those people who want to move full time and to live in definitive as legal residents in Mexico.

1. Economic solvency: retires, pensioners, employment income/pension income.

2. Real estate property in Mexico.

3. Investor.

4. Family unity.

5. Scientific research in waters under mexican jurisdiction.

6. Invitation from an organization or a public or private institution.

The timeline depends from the consulate where the applicant will apply, however by the Mexican immigration law this could take from 1 to 10 business days.

The visa issued by the consulate will be valid for 180 days and its valid for just one single entry to Mexico, for this reason the visa holder must travel to Mexico before the expiration of the 180 days in order that upon the arrival to Mexico and within the 30 calendars day the visa holder starts the process with the INM immigration office for exchanging the visa for

The amount required depends from the Consulate where the applicant will apply as each consulate handles their own amounts and criteria.

This will depends under the category on which you have obtain your temporary residency is status, for example in mostly cases if you have obtained you temporary residency under economic solvency , you’ll need to wait 4 years of been temporary resident in Mexico in order to convert to the permanent residency, however there is some exceptions in order to became permanent resident early than the 4 years.

Other example is if your visa was obtained by family unit as for being married with a Mexican/permanent resident and in order to convert to permanent resident you’ll need to wait 2 years of been temporary resident in Mexico and to proof that you continue married.

If your residency card it doesn’t mention in Spanish PERMISO PARA TRABAJAR, which in English means work permit then by immigration law you are not allow it to work, and if is your interest to work then you’ll need to apply for a work permit at INM immigration office.

The work visa application must be started at the INM immigration office in Mexico by the company/person who will sponsor you and once the INM office pre-approve the process the foreigner must get the appointment for the interview at the Mexican consulate abroad.

As legal residents in Mexico (temporary and permanent residents), must inform to the INM immigration office about any change made on marital status, address in Mexico, nationality, name and work activity. Any change must be informed within the 90 days of their occurrence.

(By Art.63 Mexican immigration law)

The INM immigration office will impose a fine that the amount can be from 20 up 100 current Mexico’s minimum wage.

Within the 30 calendar days of the expiration date of your residency card.

After your residency have expired and you didn’t renew it on time, by immigration law you’ll have 60 calendar days after the expiration date of your residency card in order to apply for a regularization process for re-applying for a new temporary residency status.

No, you can’t. the option that you have by immigration law is to apply for a regularization process and if you qualify then you’ll able to apply for a new stay for tourism purpose for another 180 days of stay.

You must not register with SAT under any of the aforementioned categories, since doing so would mean that you carry out work permit which would have consequences for migration processes.

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